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UNC REX Tuition Loan Forgiveness Program

Tuition Loan Forgiveness Program is for Experienced (12 months or more) Full-Time Eligible RN Positions


  • Up to $25,000 may be offered to defray the cost of tuition to obtain an already earned pre-licensure Bachelors or Masters nursing degree.
  • The amount offered is based on proof of outstanding loan.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Clinical Nurse II, III, IV; must have 12 months or more of RN experience.
  • Employed full-time, scheduled to work 36 hours or more per week.
  • Employed in a direct patient care RN position.
  • Clinical Areas: Inpatient, Surgical/OR, Procedural, Emergency Department, Infusion Oncology.
  • Not currently employed or employed within the previous 12 months at any owned or managed entity within UNC Health System.
  • Not currently employed as a current per diem, temporary, traveler or contract staff at any owned or managed entity within UNC Health System
  • Employee must remain in good standing throughout their commitment period. If an employee receives a final written warning, the incentive will be discontinued.

Program Timeline:

  • Effective for eligible hires starting on or after April 6, 2020​​​​​​​

Tuition Loan Forgivness Expectations:

  • Employee must be in active status at the time of installment payment; otherwise, the payment will be cancelled. Remaining installment payments may resume upon the employees return to active status.
  • The work commitment is to the department where initially hired.
  • Employee may be allowed to transfer and maintain the incentive if the receiving department is eligible and approved by the accepting manager / director.
  • UNC Health employees are not eligible for recruitment incentives when going from one entity to another.

Payout Schedule:

  • Payment is spread over 3 year period in 6 installments. Payment is made after each 6 month period of work is completed.
    • Effective for hires starting on or after 4/6/20​​​​​​​


For questions or additional information on program details, please contact Natasha McLeod (natasha.mcleod@unchealth.unc.edu) in REX Human Resources for additional information.

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