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***IMPORTANT NOTICE***: The Discovery Employee Referral Program will be temporarily unavailable effective December 11th, 2020 . Due to the recent switch in our HR and application systems, our HR team is working hard towards implementing a new and improved, mobile friendly Employee Referral solution. More details are to come soon regarding the new program! Thank you for your patience.

*Current employees are required to submit their referral, before the referral applies.

UNC Health has an employee referral program to reward current UNC Health employees who refer qualified external applicants for specific positions and who meet the referral guidelines.

UNC Health values the participation of our employees in the recruiting efforts of highly qualified individuals who fit our organization.​


Please select your UNC Health entity below to learn their guidelines and position eligibility.

How to Participate:

Steps for Employees to Refer

1. Please review guidelines and eligible jobs based on entity listed above.

2. UNC Medical Center Employees click here.

    UNC REX Employees click here.

    UNC Rockingham Employees click here.

    Chatham Hospital Employees click here.

    UNC Caldwell Employees click here.

3. Locate a position that is tagged "Employee Referral Bonus", then click the position title.

4. On the right-hand navigation of the job posting, click on "Refer a friend".

5. Current employees are required to submit their referral, before the referral applies. Please ensure you have your referrals contact information (email & mobile phone number).

6. If your referral is selected and starts, you will receive your bonus per payment schedule.

Watch a video on the Discovery Employee Referral Program here! (open link using either Google Chrome or Mozialla Firefox.)

Who is eligible?

This employee referral program is currently applicable for UNC Medical Center, UNC REX, Rockingham, Chatham, and Caldwell. Your employee referral is only eligible if you refer within your designated entity which is based on your payroll (i.e. UNC Medical Center employee referring a candidate for another UNC Medical Center position; OR a UNC REX employee referring a candidate for another UNC REX position).

Human Resources, Leadership (Manager and above), and Physicians are excluded from receiving referral incentives. An employee is not eligible for a referral bonus for any position which they participate in the hiring decision.

Individuals not eligible for referral also include travelers, contract employees, interns, and former employees who have worked for UNC Health within the last year.

Referred individuals must meet minimum requirements of the position for which they are being referred.

*Current employees are required to submit their referral, before the referral applies.

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