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Medical Assist, Certified Incentive Program 

UNC Medical Center and UNC Faculty Physican Clinics

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Commitment Incentive


  • Effective to those with a start date of July 1, 2019 and after.
  • $5,000 to full-time Medical Assistant, Certified (Level I, II, and III) with UNC Medical Center and UNC Faculty Physican Clinics. 
  • Commitment Incentive will be paid over a three year period in 6 installments. The first installment is 10% after 6 months, second installment is 10% after 12 months, third installment is 10% after 18 months, fourth installment is 20% after 24 months, fifth installment is 20% after 30 months, and the sixth installment is 30% after 36 months. Payment will be treated as taxable income and directly deposited in your paycheck.
  • Be hired as a Medical Assist, Certified I, II or III.
  • Be employed, and continue to work, in a regular full-time qualifying Medical Assist, Certified position (Full-time is 36 hours or more per week).
  • ​Not be currently employed, or employed within the previous 12 months, at any owned entity within the UNC Health System.
  • Not be currently employed as a Per Diem, traveler or contract staff at any owned entity within UNC Health System.
  • Remain in good standing throughout the work commitment period. If the employee receives a final written warning, resigns or is terminated, the incentive will be discontinued.
  • Be in active status at the time the installment payment is payable; otherwise, the payment will be cancelled (and not paid on any future date). Remaining installment payments will be paid if the employee returns to active status, as long as the employee meets all other eligibility requirements.
  • Remain in the department where the initially hired.